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19 May

Whether you're searching for love that will last forever or merely until the patrón runs dry, there are brave, new and, crucially, easy ways to connect with the opposite sex.

The issue is no longer whether you're going to find your lovergirl, rather how you'll choose to go about it.

All visual depictions displayed on this page are exempt from the provision of 18 U. Now she’s looking online for potential partners — and she’s got plenty of options.As the baby boomer population ages, more and more dating Web sites are focusing on retirees looking for love, and no wonder: About 30 percent of baby boomers are single.“The last thing I want is a [platonic] male companion, unless he’s gay,” says the vivacious senior.“Do I want to have solo sex for the rest of my life? I would love to find another soulmate, or, at least, another man I have chemistry with.” Paulette was widowed at 70 after a very happy marriage of nearly 50 years.