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11 Mar

Today Montanita attracts surfers from all around the world.

It boasts strong, consistent waves that can get as high as one meter (over 3 feet) during the calmer summer months.

Ecuador is a beautiful country full of interesting places to visit and beautiful mountain scenery.

The people are friendly, the cost of living is reasonable and the weather is springlike most of the year.

It would appear that Ecuador, especially Cuenca, is a paradise for retirees or anyone wishing to change their life style.

From its origins as a hippie beach destination in the 1960s to its present-day reputation as a surfing hotspot, Montanita Ecuador has been luring tourists and expats to its golden shores for decades.

And with some of the country’s most lively attractions and colorful characters, it’s a place that’s guaranteed to keep even the most intrepid traveler on their toes.

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