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28 Jan

I think those relationships are way less common than older men/younger women relationships because of the biological reasons behind choosing mates.

Women instinctively seek out partners who are well-established that can offer stability and financial security for their children.

Even though she was working, every chance she got, she would sit down and talk to me.

She's gorgeous and has a sweet little southern accent, which I'm a sucker for.

Long story short, I got her number and we've been in contact ever since, for a year- talking on the phone every now and then and seeing eachother spontaneously only a handful of times, as she lives an hour away.

But it seems like in our society we have been programmed to think that older man younger girl = "Okay", while an older woman younger man = "Strange". DO you all think it's wrong for a woman who is older to be pursuing/dating a younger guy? Would you younger guys pursue a girl who was older than you? The reason that it seems funny for younger men to be with older women is 'cuz if the man is the one who is expected to provide for his family, it would be easy for an older woman to slip into a maternal role and this could potentially cause great confusion.I randomly decided to pull off the highway for some good southern bbq (living in GA, I hope you can understand).She was the hostess there and immediately was attracted to me, and I to her.So why am I so certain it's going to end dreadfully?There are certain lifestyle differences: I live in a rented bachelor-dump, she owns a gigantic house; I have a dog, she has the kids every other weekend; I "go to work," she owns the business and is legally responsible for it...