Dating vintage clothing rn number

20 Mar

I only wish I would have found this book sooner because I would have saved myself a lot of time!Acetate - Manmade synthetic fiber derived from cellulose acetate.One of my international wholesale customers asked me to look for men's vintage clothing for her shop, so I've been trying to better educate myself on the subject.I had already learned quite a bit from looking through my old magazines, studying men's clothing in old movies, & reading countless message boards over at Fedora Lounge.If your garment has no RN number, it most likely is made before 1959.

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It did not have a particular text treatment to accompany it, rather the “Banana Republic” masthead font varied in style from catalog to catalog. If you familiarize yourself when labels and fabrics were used, styles and cuts, you can estimate when it was made. I am sole "owner", writer, and well, chief, cook and maid. I am bluntly asking, could you be so kind to think about donating a few bucks my way? Dating vintage lingerie can be a little tough to pinpoint down to the exact date when it was produced.Feel free to correct anything or add to the discussion if you can.The Star and Bananas, AKA The Coat of Bananas is the most famous BR label, and is the label that was in use throughout the catalog era of Banana Republic.