Dating site for people with deformities

08 Mar

Australians with extreme facial differences have shared brutally honest answers to some of the most vile questions they have been asked by strangers.Seven people with facial differences appeared on ABC's You Can't Ask That on Wednesday night, a show which aims to break down commonly held stereotypes.This is not meant to be a complete list, nor is is meant to be medical advise, but I feel this article can shed some light for addicts or family members of addicts dealing with this burning question…This list has been compiled from 13 years of personal experience watching my close family member struggle with the darkest moments of addiction.Because you're too disgusting to look like that' " she said.

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Val, who suffered burns to 85 per cent of her body, said she was told "I guess you wish you were dead" by a complete stranger. Belinda Downes from Newcastle, who was born with a cleft condition, said she went out on one date but it did not go to plan. Ms Findlay, who was born with a skin condition which caused inflammation and itchiness, said she was told she was "ugly" and "disgusting".

Richard, a man with Asperger's, is dumped halfway through his first date when he starts snacking off his companion's plate.

For those with less obvious conditions, things get even more complicated.

So most of my analysis came from observing her behaviors.

Over a guy who has never read anything and everything that pops into your mind as he is always on guard until they become comfortable.