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09 May

)RULES: Do not post comments that you are ‘looking for sex’ or that you are ‘looking to hook-up’. Do not create threads just to draw attention to your profile. Make sure your Thread/Post is on topic: -If you create a thread that does not fit within a specific forum category, it will be deleted. Military Singles Connection provides online personals services, including: Online profiles and photographs of single men and women Online chat rooms and an instant messenger to enable others to communicate in real time An online private mailbox to enable others to exchange personal messages An online public forum to enable others to exchange messages and information An online display of frequently asked questions, and answers to frequently asked questions.Military Cupid Military Military is a military dating and personals site linking military singles with people interested in meeting men or women in uniform.Here are the best instant messenger apps for Android. You could try Meetups but those are for specific venues.Social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin specifically forbid adding contacts you don't know personally.

Military Singles Connection Military Singles Connection is a singles online community dedicated to helping men and women meet other singles in a comfortable online environment.Our personals community is a source for creating relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage.Military singles enjoy chat rooms, message boards, photo personals, a photo gallery, anonymous private mailboxes, and much more.It's not all about Whats App, there are tons of instant messengers.We’ve rounded up the best Android has to offer, so you can choose the one that best suits your individual tastes and needs.