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11 Apr

The second season featured another set of 20 women.This time around, Michaels chose 37-year-old Ambre Lake from Los Angeles, California.Each week, the women face challenges, the winner of which gets to go on a date with Michaels.Some of the challenges were based on situations that they might encounter if chosen to be Michaels' girlfriend.

Many positive changes have occurred as a result, and I give credit to the culture I was surrounded by for catalyzing these changes.Let Raymond's tragic story serve as a cautionary tale to those who seek romance via Internet dating sites.Let Brazil know that the world will not tolerate any leniency towards Raymond's killers!On March 27, 1950 Raymond James Merrill was born in San Francisco, California.On April 1, 2006 Raymond James Merrill was drugged, robbed, and viciously murdered in Brazil by Regina Filomena Rachid; a woman he met on the Internet; a woman who he believed was going to marry him.