Date not updating in excel worksheet

31 Mar

An administrator determines whether or not an organization’s users are permitted to export data to Excel by using security roles.Hello, I have an excel worksheet with a date column, the format is set to dd-mmm-yyyy but the dates in the columns display as mm/dd/yyyy. Go to the Data Tab From the Data tab, Select Text to Columns This will open a Wizard called "Covert Text to Columns" You'll see 2 choices for your original data type: Delimited or Fixed Width If your current date format has commas, tabs, dashes, etc., then click it's US for example, whateer the user types in the cell will default to the mm/dd/yy (that's according to the default US format) By clicking into the cell then clicking out, the cell recognises your settings - hence whay it reverts to the UK format hope that makes sense Im guessing. Why would double clicking the cell make the format change take place, I am still having this problem.In Excel 2003 you could do some tricks with coping and paste special values, but that does not work in Excel 2007.sorry one more guess work is the cell in which date is entered originally formatted as "text" .The data is transferred from Dynamics 365 (online) to your computer by using a secure connection, and no connection is maintained between this local copy and Dynamics 365 (online).When you export to a dynamic worksheet or Pivot Table, a link is maintained between the Excel worksheet and Dynamics 365 (online).If I double click in each individual cell and then move out of that cell the format changes and the dates appear correct. If your current date format has only spaces separating everything but no characters, then click Fixed. how did you format the cell ok suppose tje relevant date is 1 sept 2009 you enter (in my excel you have to enter as m/d/yy) 9/1/09 now go to format-number-custom and type at the top window dd-mm-yyyy and sees what happens Nothing the problem.

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Question: Is it possible to create a VBA code (or something else) that updates D2 when the result of the formula in C2 changes?

If possible, I need this to be active for the cells C2: C30 ( D2: D30 for the date time) Using Excel 2010.

Don't worry, most likely your Excel is all right, and you will get all the answers in a moment.

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