Daryl hannah dating val kilmer

27 Mar

His face is broad, with high cheekbones and plump lips; he is a mixture of Irish, German, Swedish and Cherokee.

When I meet him in a suite in the Dorchester hotel he looks as if he's dressed for a morning in front of the television, in clothes that would suit someone 25 years younger - T-shirt, baggy jeans, short jacket, and shoes that might almost be slippers.'I'm a character actor,' he tells me, 'but I look like a leading man.' Kilmer's career is a bit of a mystery.

In Tombstone (1993) he's Doc Holliday, an alcoholic with a death wish; in Top Gun (1986) he's the vicious Iceman. In Kilmer's latest film, Wonderland, he plays John Holmes, a real-life porn star and cocaine addict who was said to have had sex with more than 10,000 women and was mixed up in a quadruple murder in Hollywood in 1981 - 'the bludgeoning to death of four people at a drug den', as the Los Angeles Times put it. But to watch him on screen - he just had a fantastic persona.'In Kilmer's view, then - despite playing the lead in The Doors, Batman Forever (1995), and The Saint (1997) - he's not an A-list star because he's missing some mysterious X-factor. Kilmer even released an album of Nick Rivers songs.

The film chronicles the exact moment when the floral 1970s gave way to the decade of greed that followed - 'the death of that innocence', says Kilmer. The director, Jim Abrahams, was quoted as saying, 'Is it really so important?

More are coming up, including The Poet, in which she stars with Roy Scheider.

Married since 1977, the pair were frequent collaborators and Pegi served as the inspiration for many of Neil's most beloved songs, including "Such a Woman," "Once an Angel" and "Unknown Legend," which chronicles their initial meeting at a diner near his California ranch.

Recently, Pegi began touring on her own, occasionally recruiting her husband to play guitar, and has released three solo albums since 2007.

He's definitely attractive, and he's definitely a good actor - just look at his portrayal of Jim Morrison in The Doors (1991), or his near-perfect performance as Robert De Niro's nasty henchman in Heat (1995). Why isn't he up there with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt? (1984), he played a rock star called Nick Rivers and spent ages growing into the role.

Perhaps it's because, like Willem Dafoe or Nick Nolte, he comes across better when playing tormented, self-loathing characters. He's the sort of guy who keeps the director on set for hours after everyone else has gone home, asking about his character's motivation. He wanted to know who Nick Rivers was and why he would say things.