Columbia university racial preferences in dating study datingsite in australia

11 Mar

We employ a Speed Dating experiment that allows us to directly observe individual decisions and thus infer whose preferences lead to racial segregation in romantic relationships.

Females exhibit stronger racial preferences than males.

Doctors marry doctors, lawyers marry lawyers, and economists marry economists, probably not because they actually prefer to do so, but because those are the people they meet in daily life.

The same may be true of the tendency to marry someone of one's own race or religion.

To figure this out, you could do "field work" at a local bar to observe the choices people make in real dating situations or sift through archived marriage announcements to see who chooses whom.

But observed dating and marriage choices are at least as much a result of whom we meet as what we prefer.

This is the inspiration for my new column, Outcry on Overheard.

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Upon doing so, I received a number of messages of people thanking me for sharing a voice less heard, even if it meant being destroyed in a political bubble.

Do they teach “ Boring Writing 101” at Ivy League institutions of higher learning?

I found it impossible to read more than a few pages without getting a headache.

There are, of course, the answers that get regular reinforcement: Men value looks; women value brains, money, and success.

But do these old-fashioned stereotypes continue to hold today (if they were true to begin with)?