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01 Feb

they’re all fabulous at preventing pregnancy, but while they can help stop miniature humans from renting out womb space in a lady’s Heir Bn B for nine months, they can’t shield you from infections like chlamydia, gonorrhoea or HIV.

Only barrier contraceptives, aka Jonnies, have that awesome power – and that’s why it’s essential that you carry, use and keep yourself clued up about condoms, even if you’re also using other types of contraceptive.

“We don’t appreciate how much of our behavior is governed by our intense sensitivity to pressure,” Dustin Tyler, the fresh-faced principal investigator on the Cleveland project, says, observing Spetic closely. He moves his hand through the muscles in his arm by using his head, and the hand on the screen moves, too, reaching out and grasping the ball. An experimenter raises an eyebrow—protocol stipulates that the subject should not know when the stim is turned on—but he does, and immediately Spetic begins to pick the ball up easily.

“We think of hot and cold, or of textures, silk and cotton. “I can feel it in my thumb and my fingers,” he says.

You’re cool if you have lots of rare items, especially spiked collars and headdresses.

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I watched her play for 15 minutes or so, then went off to make dinner. Scammers Every day, I encountered people trying to scam others for free items. Some people have birthdays every week.) “OH NO I GOT SCAMMED! ” People claim every day that they were scammed out of rare items, then beg other members to give them gifts to make up for it. There are actual outright scammers as well—people who say, “Gift me a headdress and I’ll send you back 10 spikes,” or something like that—and then just never deliver and block the gift-giver.Unless you and your partner have both had a full sexual health screening (find your local testing service here), received clear results, and are in a committed relationship where you’re not having unprotected sex with other people, you should be using rubbers whenever you make like a free range egg and get laid.Today is World Aids Day, so in theory it should be a time when condoms will be at the front of a lot of people’s minds – so here are a few things you may not have known about the little latex heroes…Durex reasons that making a wee piccy of a Jonny an easily accessible, everyday part of people’s visual vocabulary will help normalise and encourage discussions about protection.We’ve already got a cookie, a coffin, and numerous cat faces, so why not a condom too?