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The information shows that 48,512 tickets have been issued between January 2012 and June 6, 2013, generating more than million in fines for the city. Readers can explore this data set through our interactive dashboard , or download the data for their own offline analysis.We did not go to Nam, just trained with the Infantry in the hills around Ft Carson. He was in Infantry and went to Nam in late 68-69 and was from Puerto Rico. That picture doesn't look anything like I remember Neely. Polk and see pictures of people that I served with and then I spotted two of myself. Thanks for covering so much of the 1/61 that I remember. Larry Hadzima Neillsville, Wisconsin Comments: Hey, 1/61 troopers, I recently met a 1/61 Vietnam veteran you may not know about. I was in the field and we hit a land mine that sent my APC driver home. I was with B Btry 5/4 Arty from 2/69 through 5/70, first at LZ Sandy then at Dong Ha. The map and related pictures is an easy way of "walking" through the 1/5 AO. John Bradley Platoon Leader, MP Platoon, Quang Tri Combat Base 1/5 Mech 1970-71 Comments: Great site, stumbled upon it while surfing different unit sites. I have deep emotions for those who served in Vietnam. C., was one of the most moving experiences I've had. JEFFUS 3700 SW Spring Creek Lane Topeka, KS 66610 [email protected](785) 272-4849 home (785) 272-2230 FAX. Hopefully this will help me locate some of my old Army buddy's. Upon setting up base west of Quang Tri, a unit of the 5th was badly hit before setting up a defensive perimeter. Bn Comments: Please help me locate fellow Marines who served with my Uncle in Vietnam. I would like to hear from anyone who was in the 1/61 at that time. Frank Suber Sparks, Nevada Comments: Greetings: I was the S-5 NCO for the 1/61 in 1968. I know very little about what he did in Vietnam, therefore any information would be much appreciated. Being on the ground you only get A small picture of what is really going on. Spec 4 Richard Carter 4 Squad 3rd Platoon A CO 1/61 Comments: My name is Ronald Mackey. I can see you put a lot of hard work into this project. We were married in October, 1999, after which I sold my interest in my firm, and moved, permanently, to Topeka, KS. My son is 46, one grandson is 16, and another is 7. PETERSBURG, FL 33702 TELL.7 Comments: Just stopped in to say howdy to everybody and WELCOME HOME! I would appreciate you posting this on your web site. As you can see I switched branches of the service and became a F-4 aircraft Crew Chief. When the 5th left the beach, a lot of stuff that they did not want to carry was left behind including rounds of ammo that had to be disposed of. I didn't understand what they had been through before they reported to Fort Carson, but now I believe I understand it all too well. I have read your account And it puts the whole thing in A different light. ANYONE IN NAM WITH A COMPANY THE TIME I WAS PLEASE EMAIL ME, THEY CALLED ME TENNESSEE. Floyd Robertson Lubbock TX Comments: Just been browsing through your site and found it to be excellent. Moving to San Diego, CA, in 1972, I opened a law office, which grew to 5 attornies and 3 associates. In June, 1988, on a visit to my home state, Kansas, I reconnected with an old flame from High School. Tim Botts THE 59th LAND CLEARING COMPANY- VIETNAM 1968~1971 Comments: I happened across your site via search engine. Comments: Name, Ronnie Nugent , year 1964, 3rd BN 37th Armor Div, 4.2 mortar platoon Crailsheim, Germany. The recall I have of this "green" unit from the States is not a good one. Often times, I think of those young men who had just returned from Vietnam who worked as our cadre as we completed our 11 series MOS training with the 1/61 Infantry.

I will never forget Roy D Bishop, Greg Campbell and others.. Comments: Hi, I was stationed at Ft Mc Clellan in 1968 and am looking for Jose Luis Perez who was also stationed there. Comments: There is a picture of an officer reading something. If, that is supposed to be the Bob Neely that took command of A 1/61 after Captain Gallagher was killed. I was the RTO for Neely from the day he took over A 1/61 until he left. You can't imagine how surprised I was to go to your thumbnails of Ft. I was hoping maybe I could find anyone that I served with. Looking for anyone who may recall those 'fun' times. I'm looking for anyone that would remember me during that time.

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