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From forging to polishing, each katana takes one month to produce.

We conclude that the district court based its holdings of patent unenforceability and invalidity on erroneous legal principles; these rulings are reversed. Butler, 803 F.2d 61, 65 (2d Cir.1986) (“It is well-established that stays pursuant to § 362(a) are limited to debtors and do not encompass non-bankrupt co-defendants.”); Marcus, Stowell & Beye Government Securities, Inc. The rule also permits claims by the debtor, and counterclaims, to proceed. Y.1986) (“a state court prepetition order which does not relate to the collection of prepetition claims or property of the estate may be enforced by contempt proceedings against the debtor and its officers in order to vindicate the dignity of the state court without violating the automatic stay.”), aff'd 70 B. IIUNENFORCEABILITYEpson appeals the ruling that the four Suzuki patents are permanently unenforceable based on the patentees' failure to comply with 37 C. Epson states that the native language requirement of § 1.69 applies only to the inventors' initial oath or declaration filed pursuant to 37 C. The special master, reviewing this issue in the context of the defendants' request to abrogate the attorney-client privilege for the purpose of deposing the patent attorney who prepared these declarations, found that there was “no evidence ․ that Figures 9 and 10 actually depict prior art” and that there was not a prima facie case of fraud such as would affect the attorney-client privilege. However, the defendants point out that the master's findings were made in the context of the attorney-client privilege, and that the master was not charged to decide inequitable conduct.After taking some time to examine these new watches first-hand, here are our top six picks we'll be watching for when they hit stores later this year.Seiko's divers are always an enthusiast's favorite, and what better way to follow up the hugely popular Prospex SRP777 "Turtle" reissue than with a pair of killer limited-edition divers launched in partnership with PADI — the Professional Association of Diving Instructors?This year in Basel, Seiko's latest releases are all geared towards changing that perspective.Rather than releasing a mass of entry-level watches as they have in the past, we were presented a small sampling of new releases from each of their luxury lines.