Blood type compatibility dating

11 Apr

Still many have consulted the signs of the zodiac in order to determine if they indeed have a compatible relationship with their partner.

Alternatively, others seek relationship advice from the stars which they think should have a huge impact to their compatibility with other signs.

is notoriously difficult, and it’s easy to feel as if the ways in which to find it are all but exhausted.

Some people try to match themselves with potential mates by their horoscopes, finding how their personalities were influenced by the stars.

Has a Japanese member of the opposite sex ever asked you what your blood type was?

If so, there’s a good chance they were checking to see if you would make a suitable partner for dating, marriage, or sex.

But you’ll be surprised with how accurate some of these characteristics can be.

Blood type personality theory takes these categories to a new, obsessively detailed psychologist Furukawa Takeji, who noticed differences in personality among groups of students while working in the administrative department of a women’s high school.

He subsequently proposed a relationship between personality and the A, B, O and AB blood types, though scientists were skeptical in Japan at the time, and remain so today, with most seeing no basis for a correlation between blood type and personality.

When it comes to personality it is very important to know that we will get along very well with our prospective partner as we all want to spend together forever with our special someone. Aside from the fact that it gets the romance out of popping that question during a romantic candle light dinner, the truth is most guys don't even remember what is their blood type or much worse had never done a blood test in their life before. the awkward scenario would be bringing him in the hospital for your second date to go under the needle and wait for results or giving him a blood test kit as your getting to know each other present.

This is the most common question when us women check our dates for future investigation with regards to our compatibility issues.