Black and white dating in atlanta Sexitalia

21 May

I recently read that an Shae Primus, Atlanta matchmaker has recently admonished black women for not giving men who have had same-sex relationships a chance, even if they themselves have engaged in same-sex experimental lifestyles for brief periods of time.

During a discussion on her company message board, Shae Primus shocked members by suggesting women give men who have experimented with same-sex relationships a chance.

I’ve tried to wrap my brain around why people still think in a primitive manner, but can’t.

It’s a good thing I don’t understand it because if I did, I would be like them.

According to the CDC, there are no confirmed cases of HIV transmission resulting from women having sex with women. Lesbians are not spreading a potentially deadly sexually transmitted disease. This matchmaker can talk all she wants about “double standards,” but this one is based on actual SCIENCE.

First off, black men having sex with men–either gay or bisexual–accounts for a tremendous percentage of new HIV/AIDS cases.article that “gay and bisexual men are over 40 times more likely to have HIV than heterosexuals.” He also pointed out disparities in racial and ethnic groups, saying, “We see marked racial disparities, 60% of youth with HIV infections were African American, 20% were Latino and 20% were white. And black gay and bisexual men made up 54% of new HIV infections.”Conversely there is literally NO cases of HIV/AIDS transmission between lesbians.

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