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22 Mar

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A half million lives were lost, and perhaps another million were injured. war that President Obama recently ended in Iraq was the finale in this march of folly.

The economic cost of the war exceeded one trillion dollars.1 Yet, the battle lines at the end of the war were almost exactly where they had been at the beginning of hostilities. The seeds of multigenerational tragedy were planted in the Iran-Iraq War.

Saddam Hussein was a megalomaniac who built enormous, ugly monuments to his ambitions and dreamed of becoming the dominant power in the Persian Gulf, controlling the world’s oil supplies, and destroying Israel.

At the end of the first Gulf War in 1988, Hussein waged genocide against his own Kurdish population. Policy During the War America had no natural partners in the Iran-Iraq War, but its interests dictated that the United States allow neither Saddam nor Khomeini to dominate the region and the world’s energy supply.

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Kurdish authorities in Iraq have accused Iran of sending 30,000 soldiers and military experts to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group."There's just no way that the US military can actively support an offensive led by Suleimani," Christopher Harmer, a former aviator in the United States Navy in the Persian Gulf who is now an analyst with the Institute for the Study of War, told Helene Cooper of The New York Times in March."He's a more stately version of Osama bin Laden." Nevertheless, the US is actively supporting offensives led by Suleimani while also allowing any atrocities committed by the dominant Shia militias.Des prcautions relevant du bons sens devraient nanmoins tre prises si vous dcidiez de rencontrer quelqu'un "pour de vrai".Vous pouvez galement trouver de nouveaux amis grce notre propre systme de messagerie.