Are cheska and richard dating

13 May

They were both part of the top-rating daytime series “Be Careful With My Heart,” starring Jodi Sta. On the show, Ponce played the role of Luke, while Joson played the role of Cheska.Here are some clips of their scenes together with Luke trying to audition for the glee club, whose members include Cheska.

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But Ivan sees her only as his best friend, and he fell in love with Patricia's cousin, Angel. See full summary » he romantic comedy centers around two different people - Leah, a simple girl with an American dream; and Clark, a boy living his American life - who are forced to marry in order to legally stay and continue working in the United States.As avid viewers of the reality show know by now, Ponce is a former boyfriend of housemate Elisse Joson who has broken her heart.But did you know that Ponce and Joson have already worked together in the past?Spencer continued to pursue Louise and when confronted by her biggest fan Jamie insisted it wasn’t just bravado but that he actually had feelings for her like a real human being.When it came out that she had told both of them that she was romantically interested they began to wonder if they were being played for fools (this is Made In Chelsea so that’s probably not unlikely).