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01 May

“Is there anything new under the sun, or are all things just borne from the previous million ideas?What we’ve done is consolidate our strengths, they’ve gone into the cauldron, spun around and come out with absolute ease.Her eponymous debut album in 2006 peaked at number five on Billboard 200 and spent the most weeks on the chart in the 2000s.The album's third single, "Our Song", made her the youngest person to single-handedly write and perform a number-one song on the Hot Country Songs chart.

“I pulled out my student bus pass, ripped into shreds almost, and found all these references to where I was when it was last seen, at the age of 19.” At 65, skin-creased, ponytailed and grey-bearded, Plant contemplates the contents in tones of wonder.Can I knock myself out, or am I just going through the motions?Because if I’m going through the motions, I’m f***ed.” With eloquence, humour and considerable pride, Plant has been eulogising his current seven-piece ensemble The Sensational Space Shifters, and their fantastically inventive and emotive new album, Lullaby … “It’s paradise to be on the middle of the stage between those guys” he says, lauding the diverse strengths of a band who synthesise many strands of Plant’s maverick career, forging connections between pastoral English and Celtic folk, roots Americana, African blues and heavy rock.People who ingest these supplements show increased output of lead and aluminum, leading many to conclude that it was a great chelater of metals. Frank King, he and RSB pre-explain the coming illnesses in children and adults who indulge in the multi-colored, artificially flavored and sugared treats of the costume door knocking evening coming up.Who would have thought it was because it was putting them in the body in the first place? Stop taking them for 28 days and see if you feel better. In hour 2, RSB catches up with Official Stories author Liam Scheff.