Apps hang while updating

03 Apr

So you’re chilling out with your beloved Android smartphone one day and decide to download your 100th fart app.Then Murphy’s Law decides to break wind on you and your Google Play Store or, for you old timers with an old-school phone, Android Market just hangs up all of a sudden.For instructions on updating Proloquo2Go, please see: How do I update to a new version?

To view your purchase history, open the i Tunes application on your computer, make sure you are signed in to your i Tunes account, and then from the top menu, select . To see all the ourchases on a certain date, click the small triangle to the left of the date.May be being in the DFU mode causes certain issues or may be i Tunes isn't kicking the i Device out of DFU mode after the firmware upgrade.No matter what the problem is, the first thing you try is a hard reset.If you happen to be as unlucky as a certain dashing portable electronics writer who actually does NOT download fart apps, then you might end up with a download that gets stuck or frozen.Making things worse is that the stuck download now refuses to go away, continuing to linger like the gassy ghost of the beans and sweet potatoes your uncle had for lunch. “I’ll just turn my phone off, turn it back on again, and voila … Whether you're rocking the latest OS or older stuff like Jellybean or Eclair, the solution is to access your Application manager via your settings app and either clear your cache or data and do a force stop or force close. For folks who need more specific directions, I list a step-by-step guide in the next two pages using two different variants of the Android OS.