Antioch rules dating

16 Feb

Now that I’m looking at it I think it’s sad that the soul of the policy — this idea of a community together trying to prevent sexual abuse, even by extreme methods — was dismissed as categorically repressive and insane.

A recent "Saturday Night Live" segment featured a game show called "Is It Date Rape?

However, the spirit of Antioch lives on at Gettysburg College, where “continuing and active” verbal consent is required for all “sexual” activity, which at Gettysburg ranges from “patting” and “hugging” to, presumably, whatever use can be made by college students of the aforementioned “props/toys/tools.” There are undoubtedly myriad reasons why Antioch is closing its doors.

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But adolescence, particularly the college years, is a time for ... Were the Antioch Rules just purely ridiculous, or was there something to ...When the sexual assault prevention group Culture of Respect attended the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault in July to promote its forthcoming website, the group went by a different name.Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed legislation requiring colleges in the state to adopt sexual assault policies that shifted the burden of proof in campus sexual assault cases from those accusing to the accused.Is this the road down which Gettysburg College, as another small liberal-arts school with an unreasonable and infamous sexual assault policy, is destined to travel?Only time will tell, but really, haven’t policies like these claimed enough victims?