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05 May

“Because the sex ratio at birth is a bit above the normal trend, this brought forth the hypothesis that such abortion are carried out.” Nonetheless, Pipero said that due to the sensitivity of the issue the .

“We are looking at the possibility of issuing new legal directives that strengthen the application of the law,” he said.

What makes the story of female feticide so believable, and difficult to fix, one researcher says, is the culture’s strong preference for male heirs.Under Albania’s 2002 reproductive health law, the use of prenatal screening technologies to provide for sex-selective abortions is not permitted and abortions after the first trimester are illegal.Voko said she would welcome measures to strengthen the enforcement of the law but added that authorities’ denials of the study’s findings won’t help the country change attitudes that make sex-selective abortion socially acceptable.“In India families have to pay expensive dowries to marry off girls, or only men can carry out certain religious rituals, which is not the case in Albania.” Although the release of the study has focused some public debate on the issue in Albania, health authorities deny any evidence of the problem.“We have no indications that sex-selective abortions are carried out either in public hospitals or private clinics,” , said in an email interview.