Albania dating abroad

11 Feb

The reason for this is that the Albanian morale is based on family values where both the parents and children care for each other.No Albanian will tell you that he/she has had a short or long history of dating; in particular for the female, this would be a harmful shame.The 2008 financial crisis derailed much of the positive economic growth Albania had experienced since the end of the communist regime in 1990 and spurred flows of both new emigration and more than 150,000 returnees as the economies of Greece and Italy—the main destinations—were particularly hard hit.In the first half of 2015, thousands of Albanians sought “economic asylum” in the European Union, mostly Germany, to escape the desperate living conditions in Albania.

We suggest you learn as much as you can about Albania before your trip from travel agents, tour operators and guide books.

At the same time, the number of refugees and asylum seekers transiting through Albania en route to the European Union from Syria and other Middle Eastern conflicts increased 20-fold.

Despite the serious and ongoing problem of political corruption, as an EU-candidate country, Albania has put much effort into aligning its policies on migration and asylum to international standards.

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