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08 Feb

Sea, countryside, spa, gastronomy, our hotels in the vicinity of Caen offer a wide choice of relaxing breaks just a two-hour journey away.

Near Caen, Normandy with its Relais du Silence hotels opens its doors wide to offer you the opportunity to discover or revisit the D-Day beaches, the Mont Saint Michel, or simply a chance to enjoy a relaxing session at the spa.

Formerly a Gallic fortress, the Cap Fagnet was a chain in the Atlantic wall during the 2nd World War thanks to its exceptional panoramic view.

At close proximity, a wind farm and a chapel dedicated to sailors lost at sea are also worth a visit.

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According to what produce is available at the market, our chef gives free rein to his inspiration, to transform the ingredients into sublime dishes and awaken your taste buds, with special emphasis on seafood.

Last week I introduced you to Justin Lee, the director of The Gay Christian Network (GCN), a nonprofit organization serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians and those who love them. I don't want to bore you all to tears, but I also know that short, bumper-sticker answers to deep questions aren't very helpful.

Justin is also the director of "Through My Eyes," a documentary about young gay Christians, and the co-host of GCN Radio, a popular podcast on issues of faith and sexuality. Hundreds of questions rolled in from a wide variety of perspectives, with the top three questions “liked” over 100 times. I'm honored to have this opportunity, and I'm so grateful to Rachel for making it possible. As soon as I read through the questions Rachel sent, two things were immediately obvious to me: First, you guys are passionate about this issue and have a ton of great questions! So I've tried to be concise, I've edited a few of the questions for brevity, and I'm committing right now to stick around here for at least the next week to keep answering questions in the comments.

Justin certainly rose to the occasion, answering your questions thoughtfully and humbly. Anything I don't get to or that needs more space, I'll address on my own blog, Crumbs from the Communion Table. From (reader) Justin B.: Before you came to peace with your sexual orientation, did you ever try to "cure" your homosexuality, whether through prayer or some type of program?

I'd also be interested in hearing more about your story, such as when you first discovered you were gay, how long you waited before you told people, that kind of thing.