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16 Apr

The symptoms (see below) were required to have been present since before the individual was seven years old, and must have interfered with at least two spheres of his or her functioning (at home and at school or work, for example) over the last six months.

Those who have attention deficit disorder experience problems in most areas of their lives, including their jobs and relationships, making it hard for them to pick up on non-verbal cues in conversations or to resist the many distractions that abound in most work or personal environments.You can improve your daily habits, learn to recognize and use your strengths, and develop techniques that help you work more efficiently, increase organization, and interact better with others. These ADHD self-help strategies require practice, patience, and, perhaps most importantly, a positive attitude. Fact: While medication can help some people manage the symptoms ADHD, it is not a cure, nor the only solution.If used at all, it should be taken alongside other treatments or self-help strategies.It can be tough on your health and both your personal and on-the-job relationships.Your symptoms may lead to extreme procrastination, trouble making deadlines, and impulsive behavior.