6 list the configuration options available for updating the os

05 Apr

Typically, hotfixes are made to address a specific customer situation, undergo less regression testing, and have more limited distribution than patches.

A feature in Microsoft Windows that allows the user to revert their computer's state (including system files, installed applications, Windows Registry, and system settings) to that of a previous point in time, which can be used to recover from system malfunctions or other problems.

Installation or setup is the act of making the system or program ready for execution.

Because the process varies for each program and each computer, programs (including operating systems) often come with an installer, a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation.

Refers to the process of loading the basic software into the memory of a computer after power-on or general reset, especially the operating system which will then take care of loading other software as needed.

A single, cumulative package that is used to address a problem in a software product.

If you don’t want your bandwidth to be used by software updates without your own trigger of that function, you can disable them instead by unchecking the appropriate settings in the System Preference App Store panel.A set of system-defined update profiles is available in the UI.You can copy the profiles and edit them to create your own customized profiles.Configuration is an arrangement of functional units according to their nature, number, and chief characteristics.Often, configuration pertains to the choice of hardware, software, firmware, settings, and documentation.