1920 s dating

04 Mar

"A few of us girls went to a dance on that night and that's where I met my fate."For Frank and Anita's generation, the local dance, held in the town hall or church youth club, was the prime location in which to look for love.In most parts of the country they were the only organised entertainment available to young people.Marriage was considered the only goal; it was either accepted, or denied, in which case the courtship ceased. After the war, however, a different kind of romantic interaction suddenly appeared and spread with astonishing rapidity.Instead of courtship, the new method was dating - a romantic connection which could be short term or long term, serious or casual, end in marriage, friendship, or nothing (and anything in between.) Furthermore, families were largely uninvolved, and it was carried on in conditions of relative privacy.The music was loud, the lights were low - and unless you looked like the back of a bus you almost always got a dance.It was the perfect breeding ground for lasting love.One of the most scandalous aspects of the Twenties was the propensity for daring young women (“flappers”) to go out to speakeasies, dance halls, restaurants, and parties without a chaperone.They could drink, smoke cigarettes, bob their hair, and dance all the immoral fad dances like the Charleston.

When Frank and Anita first took to the floor, dancing provided couples with a rare opportunity to get physically close.

[Fun Facts Home] Most of Katya's Fun Facts of the Week have concerned topics that have divided the nations.

Perhaps appropriately, Katya considers this area to be a uniting one, in which the more backwards countries have almost caught up to Russia.

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